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some of our amazing clients who are rocking it!

We love to work with companies with big goals and big ambitions to create a successful company that provides more goodness in the world.

We work with clients in many ways including website design, website support, and online marketing. We act as your marketing partner to help you continue to make those steps to reaching those new big goals and reaching the customers that could benefit from their services.

 Every great adventure starts somewhere.

Working with Jen has been a seamless, effortless process

She seemed to understand immediately what I had in mind for my website, and was able to translate my vague idea into the perfect design and format. We set an ambitious schedule which she stuck to meticulously, responding to new needs as they arose and in every instance, delivering above and beyond expectation. As well as being a gifted designer and expert professional, Jen is a wonderful person–kind, thoughtful and responsive. She has made what might have been an arduous process into a fun and engaging one. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with; I am delighted with the end results and hope to continue working with Jen on into the future.

Shira Nayman – author

Jen Feeny is an exceptional website developer

I have dealt with many over the years and I find she rises above the others due to her responsiveness, her caring attitude and the way she customizes each site to the needs and personalities of the owners and the businesses. She is entirely flexible, so easy to work with and very smart. You will definitely not be disappointed if you use her for a new or existing update to your site.

Ann Max

Fast, Efficient & Good-Natured

Jen is wonderful to work with and an asset to our business! Jen Feeny Marketing – excellent service, competitive pricing, professional and reliable.

Nanda Wubs, Owner & Operations Manager

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Jen and her team!

Their process and execution for our project has been well planned, within timelines and all with amazing communication throughout. I am extremely happy with the work and the suggestions from Jen for the benefit of our association goals.

Shannon Brownrigg, Executive Director, RVTTC

We are grateful to have Jenny take care of our marketing and website as she is so professional & knowledgeable

Thank you so much Jen for creating a website for Wilmarvale Elevators Ltd. You took the time to understand our business, articulated go to market options, and presented brilliant ideas. Your business has 3 very outstanding traits – a follow through approach, honesty and efficacy. These 3 traits are increasingly rare and should be treasured when found when looking for a marketing specialist like yourself.  Wilmarvale Elevators Ltd has full confidence in the way you manage our site on a monthly schedule. 

Janet Livingston, Business Manager