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hi, i’m jen, owner of Jen Feeny Marketing.¬†

Nice to meet you!

For the past 7 years, at Jen Feeny Marketing, we have been working with companies to create clean & simple websites that meet their customer needs.

We work with businesses that are passionate about reaching the next big goal and need a great website to help them get there.

No matter how large our company grows, we have created processes to complete client updates promptly, like they are the only client that we are working with. This is at the VERY core of our business.

There is nothing worse than knowing you need to make updates on your website, but your designer is MIA!

We have a superstar team that moves quickly and efficiently to deliver a website that you are in LOVE with and produces the results you desire.


Our goal is to get your website to a place that is enjoyable for your clients to explore and you are happy to share.

Jen helped create and launch my website. Her work was elegant, creative, and fast. I felt very content with the result. She is easy to work with and has a great eye for detail. In addition she is very experienced with marketing and helped get my business on the map. I highly recommend!
Courtney Roth

Massage Therapist, Roth Bodywork