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We are here to support you with the marketing side of your small business. Book a Discovery Session

You don’t need to do your website + marketing alone.

Being in business can sometimes feel isolating. You aren’t sure if you are doing the right thing or where to go next. We are that technical marketing team in your corner to help you get unstuck and moving in a way that brings ease and abundance.


get helpwith your website

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have a teamin your corner

You are great at what you do, but when it comes to marketing you aren’t sure where to begin.

When deciding where to focus your marketing efforts, you don’t want to throw money at the wall hoping something will stick. You also don’t want to spend hours working on something that isn’t converting.

This is what we help with. Supporting local service based business with the tech side of their marketing so they can get more consistent high quality leads. Starting with creating a website that embodies your unique brand and building your marketing plan around this.

Every single business is different – and so should every business website and marketing plan. We pick up on your vibe to create something that will work for your company.

Hi, I’m Jen, owner of Jen Feeny Marketing

I am a local business owner just like you that understands the juggling act of running a business. There are some things we are really good at and others that take 10x longer for us to do than someone else could do and provide a 10x better result.

When it comes to marketing, I see things a little bit differently. I can pinpoint almost instantly where the stuck wheel is and how to shift things to get moving again. I believe marketing should feel aligned and effortless to invite growth.

If you are seeking support to grow your business with less struggle, this is where our team comes in.

you don’t know how good a company is until after you have worked with them

Our clients can say “what we do ” so much better than we ever could!

we support small businesses and associations who don’t have the time or expertise to do all the things themselves.