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creating a clean & modern website for your growing business

What you do is unique. The passion that you have for your work is unmatched. You want to do more of what you love while making a difference and creating financial freedom for your family.

Located south of Ottawa (in Winchester), I am a down-to-earth website designer that creates clean, easy to navigate and professionally designed websites that represent the work that you do, so you can connect with the people you are here to serve.


creating websites that:

havea great vibe

areeasy to navigate

portrayhigh caliber service

you want to reach new clients but aren’t sure where to start with marketing.

When deciding where to focus your marketing efforts, you want to spend your time and resources on something that will convert – into visibility, leads, contracts and sales.

You may be putting off doing a website because you don’t know where to start and honestly don’t have the time to spend trying to figure it out. At the end of the day, you want your ideal clients to be able to find your company in Google when they search your service near them, have a website that is easy to manage and provide a professional user friendly experience.

This is the type of website design that we do.

Creating a landing place that speaks the language of your customer…that stands up against your competitors…that you feel confident to share…that is effective.

how we can help

If you deliver a “step above” level of service to your customer with special attention to details, and are looking for a website that represents that, this is where our team comes in.

Realign your existing website

create a new profitable website

Expand your website with tools

propel the reach of your website

Jen Feeny

I’m Jen, owner of Jen Feeny Marketing

I am a local business owner just like you that understands the juggling act of running a business.

When it comes to marketing, I see things a bit differently. I can pinpoint almost instantly where the stuck wheel is and how to shift things to get moving again.

I believe marketing should feel aligned and effortless to invite growth.

Our clients can testify about what we do so much better than we ever could!

we work with businesses who want the best experience for their customers.

Here are some of our clients who are delivering nothing less than an amazing service everytime.