Done-For-You Website for Health Coaches - Jen Feeny Done-For-You Website for Health Coaches - Jen Feeny


I am working on a new project to design done-for-you WordPress websites for health coaches that are struggling to get off their feet in their business because their website is not where they want it to be or is way too frustrating to manage/update.

I have been building custom WordPress websites for coaches for 3+ years but would love to reach more people with this service because it is SO needed. So many coaches are so passionate¬†about what they do but when it comes to websites/marketing, it’s a freeze zone. I want to empower and equip you with a tool that will help build the business and dream you desire.

This done-for-you website is for health coaches that:

  • are using the IIN website right now but are feeling limited
  • have started building their own website but is a never-ending task to get it right
  • have been putting off building a website because it seems overwhelming to work with a designer

This cause is really dear to my heart because I KNOW what it is like to launch a health coaching practice & the vulnerability that comes with that. How we can stay small in fear of what people will think about our new venture and wanting to having everything perfect before stepping out.

But I also know how deeply required our services are and if having a nice website that you are proud of is the thing that will help you get out there, I would love to be part of that equation to help propel you forward.

All the technical stuff will be taken care off:

  • setting up the website on your domain
  • uploading & setting up the WordPress website theme (that you select from choices)
  • adding your logo & customizing colours/fonts
  • setting up an optin form and connect to your mailchimp
  • home, about, work with me, blog and contact page layout all set up with photos/filler copy
  • video training on how to edit content/photos
  • 90 days email technical support to help with any questions as you edit your website

I would love your feedback on which theme you like the best (and any suggestions for improvement):


I am looking for a 1st guinea pig, so everyone that shares their vote/feedback on design I will enter in a draw to win a FREE done-for-you website. Draw will happen February 15th. You will be my working partner to create an amazing site that you love and inspire future designs that so many other health coaches will enjoy as well.

And if while you are waiting for the winner to be announced and would love more information on this, please send me a message or comment below.

This whole month I will be giving away these done-for-you websites at 25% OFF (savings over $300!) & you get to choose your own photos to use. As a special bonus, you will also receive a free 60 minute marketing strategy session ($150 value) to strategize how to get more clients & reach your income goals this month without spending a ton of money/time.