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Diane Hostettler Real Estate Website

by | Sep 12, 2015 | 0 comments

Diane Hostettler, Royal Lepage real estate sale representative, has been in real estate for over 10 years. Previous to launching a website together, she had a website built with a standard real estate website platform. She was feeling really limited by the design & wanted to have more control over the properties that we’re being added to her website.

She was looking to create a new website that was professional & clean looking, easy to update on her own & mobile friendly. She needed to be able to update properties quickly as they sold or add new listings as they came.

The Solution: Realto WordPress Theme

We built the website using the Realto WordPress theme. This WordPress theme had the property management functionality already built into the website. There was some additional customization we needed to do to add more features to the property manager but it was a nice easy system to use.

This Project Included

  1. Full Website Design
  2. Adding All Properties To The Website
  3. Setting Up Contact Forms
  4. Website Training

A full mockup of the website with content & photos was delivered in less than 3 weeks. With client revisions & additions, we launched the website in just over a month.

Diane now has a powerful marketing tool to promote her properties. She has no issues managing property updates herself & now feels full control over her website.

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